We supply...

  • Wetsuit, wet boots and gloves
  • Government certified life-jackets
  • Helmet
  • Professional guides
  • Paddling jackets & polar fleece
  • Hearty hot lunch


You supply...

  • Sweater
  • Bathing suit or shorts
  • Towel and extra clothing
  • Waterproof camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Bandana, or cap to keep you warm
  • Your favourite refreshment (no glass containers permitted in raft)
  • No alcohol is permitted before, or while rafting (but welcome in camp after your trip)

Your Itinerary

10:30 am - Arrive at our base camp to become acquainted with our team and the area

11:00 am  - Lunch will be served at approximately this time. Release and acknowledgement forms will be signed during lunch

11:45 am - Rafting gear will be distributed and instruction of its use will be demonstrated.

12 noon - Lastly, a safety briefing will be given just before departure

12:30 pm - Departure

You will be transported back to camp at the end of the trip by bus to enjoy our camp facilities.

All trips depart at the same time from the base camp.


Variations on the General Itinerary

THE SAMPLER - ½ Day Trip

Approximately 2 or 2½ hours in length and is completed at a midpoint on the river.


Our full day trip last approximately 4½ to 5 hours in length.


A gourmet steak dinner can be added.


Sites are available for anyone who wishes to camp overnight at our base camp for a charge of $15.00 per site. Firewood is available at $15 per wheelbarrow load.