World Class White Water Rafting Tours

at Mukwah Rafting Tours in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains only 1 hour from Calgary

Make This Your Most Exciting Event Ever!

This is one of the best team building experiences you can participate in...

SAFETY FIRST - Ojibway tribesmen saw the bear (or Mukwah as they called it) as the protector spirit, and we in turn honour that by making sure every consideration for your safety is taken. All guides are certified in First Aid, CPR and Swiftwater Rescue, and have achieved the highest accreditation possible in leading whitewater tours. With your well-being in mind, we give you a short safety briefing and paddle demonstration before each voyage. Most importantly, our guides are Rafting Trip familiar with the Upper Red Deer River, its many moods and its many exciting challenges.

RAFT THE EXCITING LEVEL 3 RAPIDS - where every "hit" in the waves is a soaking experience. Run through rapids with names like Big Rock, Gooseberry, S Bends, The Nationals, Rock Garden, and Sauna Hole.

Here are a few of the activities that are available...